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Spending all night looking at wedding shit….
-__- …

Well that was productive.

I love Walking Dead, but I literally have to keep my eyes closed for half the show…

Yay, I’m surviving my first 12 he graveyard shift. Only 2 hours to go and it could not have gone any better. (Thank you infinite universe, cause I was worried..) My eyes are so dry that they feel like they’re going to fall off my face, but that’s my only complaint.


Forever wondering if I am contributing to a conversation by using my own experiences or being self centered and rude.

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Elena’s DEx daydreams.

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her face hahaha

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Oh man.. finally started catching up on OUAT.. Rumple’s back!!
Best plot twist ever!


Kids today won’t ever know the struggle of downloading a song from Limewire and getting Bill Clinton

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Working on what should be my last term paper ever (assuming I get away with my severely lacking Landscape Architecture project) so I should be motivated to do it well, finish it and fucking graduate… right? 


Procrastinating and getting distracted to the max. 

Got a job as a caregiver/ respite worker for 3 autistic siblings.
So excited!