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My ideal life

[please note that this is a work in progress]

So I really do want to basically be a farmer.

I want to grow as much of my own food as possible and enough extra to trade for everything else (and yeah selling at a farmers market or having a CSA to pay for electricity & extras).  I want to create a rich environment that not only food plants, but animals, microbes, and humans will thrive in. This may not look like a traditional farm, but it will take into account all life systems as best as I can accomplish that.

I want to find people like-minded enough to do this with at some point and we will form a community. (Hopefully this part happens fairly early on.) I would like to form a school, in which anyone can teach or take classes, personally I would like to teach math (sorting-algebra), journaling, some gardening, basic biology, and maybe spanish. I would like to learn about building structures with less of an impact and build my own place, I always picture a cob house but there are so many different kinds of structures out there.

However, you may be imagining that inside my small home it will look wholesome and oh so green.

&&you would be wrong. The floor will be covered in loose glitter. I will play old school hip hop, rap and r&b and dance until I collapse every night. There will be mirrors and glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. I’ll have a trunk full of lingerie, party dresses, bottles of spiced rum and high heels by the door. I’ll let my son finger paint the walls however he likes.

And every morning I’ll stumble out the door to greet the day and begin work with glitter in my hair.

  • 19 January 2012
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